"Seventeen million men, women and children live in the Netherlands."

Translation:Zeventien miljoen mannen, vrouwen en kinderen wonen in Nederland.

October 9, 2014



leven does mean to live but is this used in the sense of meaning to be physically alive as opposed to wonen which gives the sense of residing somewhere?

April 10, 2015


As far as I can tell, leven is 'to live' or 'being alive', while wonen means 'to live somewhere'. As in 'Ze leven voor tachtig jaren' vs 'Ik woon in Groningen'.

September 10, 2019


Heren rejected but should be fine in place of mannen

January 14, 2015


Heren is very formal (like gentlemen), and would sound out of place here.

July 27, 2015


What's wrong with using "leven" in pace of "wonen" in this sentence? I think that "wonen" is clearly correct, but I thought that "leven" would also be accepted. It wasn't.

March 25, 2015
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