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"Pigens onklen giver manden en stor lyserød taske til hans kone."

Translation:The girl's uncle gives the man a big pink bag for his wife.

October 9, 2014



Should it be 'Pigens onkel' rather than 'Pigens onklen'? It seems to me that the given sentence is 'The girl's the uncle ... ', which is weird.


I believe this would definitely be something good to report to the team :) hopefully they can clear it up.


I have, but I'm usually not sure (wrt the Danish sentences) whether what I report is in fact an error, so I seek clarification on the boards as well.


I'm from Denmark, and yes it should be "Pigens onkel" because you simply can't say it the other way around :)


Mange tak, Luckyyshot!

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