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Daily streak won't extend anymore!

Recently, I held a 4 day streak, then broke it. I wasn't too bothered, but when I came back online the day after, I completed my daily goal of 30xp, redid a lesson, and practice my overall language, my streak remained at 0!

Is anyone else having the same issue?

EDIT: After refreshing the page 6 times, the website finally updated to extend my streak.

October 9, 2014



I just lost a 400+ day streak, and I know was on yesterday - I even have points on my chart from yesterday. And I had a streak freeze, which is gone. :S


It's all so ridiculous. I'm so lucky that I wasn't forced into this. No offense to the Duolingo Team but this was a step down...


I'm wondering if they made it that you have to meet your daily goal? :S


Yes you definitely have to, there was another guy who reported that. Pretty unfair since we weren't informed.


Dominator, what worked for a couple of people earlier today was to go into the Coach function, reset your daily goal to 1 XP, exit, then do something to earn at least 1XP. That should allow your streak to continue. Make sure you do it before the new reset time or your old end of day, whichever is earlier, to be sure!


I did try that, but it didn't seem to work.


Sorry, but glad to see you got it to work with the refreshing. Hopefully Duolingo will get this issue solved soon.


Yes. I hit 90 days yesterday but found that my streak count wasn't advancing today despite 200XP's. I set the daily goal to 1 (thank you VStarTraveler) and did a Spanish exercise and one in Italian for 26 XP's and 2 lingots. Nada, niente, cero, zero. Adiós streak; it was nice while it lasted.

The portion above was written earlier. As I write this a day later, now the count advances. All's well.


I'm really hoping that staff fixes the Streak thing as well and puts a notice on the coach about how it works.. For now, could y'all mention to people that there is a Troubleshoting guide for the new coach feature on the wiki? They just need to go to http://duolingo.wikia.com Then click "More" next to the other guides, then "Troubleshooting". Thanks!


Okay thanks! I didn't know there was even a wiki for Duolingo!

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