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  5. "The slow cows drink water."

"The slow cows drink water."

Translation:De langzame koeien drinken water.

October 9, 2014



In this situation, what is the difference between "het" and "de"? When is each most appropriate if they both mean "the"??


Each noun uses either "de" or "het". In most cases, you will have to memorize which article to use for every new noun you learn. There are some rules that makes things easier though: for example, plural nouns (like "koeien") always use "de". There is some more information here.

I see that you have learned some French: it is similar to the French articles "le" and "la" (although in Dutch, it doesn't quite correspond to masculine/feminine nouns).


damn i often confuse the snel to slow, because it starts with S and feels like snail which is slow


Why langzame, and not langzaam?


why is 'trage' not allowed?


Yep, "Trage" should be accepted for slow in this case.


I think you should tell if you see that sentance again right.

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