"I read."

Translation:Io leggo.

June 14, 2013

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They should consider lowercasing the correct choice. The right answer is always the capitalized one, it gives it away. I feel like im cheating now.


I'm ok with the capitalized word. It helps me visualize and recall it in other exercises. It's especially helpful when you get about 50 lessons futher with longer and harder sentences. The German lesson doesn't have it and it is so very sad.


It sure helped me learn French. It seems to be helping me with Italian as well. I'd keep it.


How am I suppose to know that I am only 9


I don't blame you. i'm 8 i've been learning since i was 3 and i didn't understand when i did it. And i was 8.


Seriously? You two are inspirational! :-)


plz do tell me to choose more than one right answer!!!


I think you xan wite Io leggo or Leggo


Does anyone know if there are certain times when you should (or shouldn't) use "io" before leggo (or any other conjugated verb)? (E.g. tu before leggi/lei before legge/etc.) Is it a style choice or should you always try to avoid io/tu/lei/noi/voi/lorro before a conjugated verb?


I believe it is usually a style choice as the conjugation of the verb. But it's not incorrect to use "io", etc.


Could "io leggi" not imply that one is reading multiple books? As in I am reading the books?


No. The conjugation isn't affected by the object.


No cause leggi is the conjugation of read for "tu". It goes I read----> Io leggo. You read---> tu leggi. To imply you read multiple books you would use the plural in the noun----> Io leggo libri (I read books)


do you pronounce the gg with a j sound or a regular g sound?


I put in Io leggo which should be correct but for some reason duolingo just told me that "ik lees" is the correct solution, so i am kind of confused right now.

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