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Strengthen multiple skills simultaneously?

Is there a way to strengthen multiple skills at once? Sometimes at the end of a practice, it'll say that I strengthened more than one skill, but I haven't seen that lately. How does that work?

I think it would be more efficient if I could revive all of my dying lessons at once (especially because there's some overlap).

October 10, 2014

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Yes! But you don't really have control over it. If I recall, I've strengthened three skills in one test before. Once. I'm more likely to strengthen two, and even that's not too common.

If you happen to have two skills that need strengthening, and those skills can complement each other--adjectives and nouns, household and people, past tense and pronouns, etc--then "strengthen skills" might expose you to enough of those words that you can strengthen both in one go. I'm not familiar with the exact method of strengthening statistics, so I can't be more precise than that. Maybe they have to just barely have lost their gold?

Remember that if you hover over a word, that counts against your word knowledge in terms of word strength. I don't know that it could keep you from strengthening a skill, but maybe.

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