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"Ellos no hablaron con la doctora."

Translation:They did not talk to the doctor.

October 10, 2014



Couldn't it also be:

"They did not speak with the doctor"?


yes, and that's how I would have answered, using speak


Hablaron means "spoke" but i guess it also can be "speak" or "talk". Man! This stuff is tough with a capital T!


Well, it's not "spoke" when there is a negation in front of it. We don't say "He didn't spoke with them", we say "He did not speak/he did not talk...". When verbs are preceded by a negation, they revert back to their present tense form:

She did not sweep the floor.

They did not burn that house.


oh haha, i can't believe i over-looked that, thanks alexis. i really should of known that, i was on over 2 hours of practice, my mind was a little fried.


It is not really in present tense form, but the conjugated part of the verb is the word "did"

"did speak" = " spoke"


Hablaron on its own means "They spoke..." or "You (all) spoke...". No Hablaron means "They did not speak..." or "You (all) did not speak..."


The pronunciation here is weird. 'no hablaron' sounds like 'bloblarong'


Yes, the pronunciation is almost correct, but it's right


I don't understand why "they haven't spoken with the doctor" is incorrect, though I don't even know English grammar well enough to know what this is. Hypothetical imperfect present? It must belong to some other category other than simple past.


This is also similar but is a different verb tense. The present perfect is "No han hablado con el doctor."


Would this sentence also be correct?

"Ellos no le hablaron a la doctora."

From what I can tell, at least with "hablar," you can omit the indirect object pronoun by using "con." Not 100% though, anyone know?


I put "They had not spoken with the doctor". Is that acceptable?


This is similar but is a slightly different verb tense. The pluperfect is "No habían hablado con el doctor."


"they haven't talked with the doctor" was marked incorrect. Can anyone please explain why it's wrong?


This is present perfect and the translation would be "No han hablado con el doctor."


Thanks to all the commenters


Your translation was incorrect. There was no 'talk or speak' as part of the hablaron translation, only things related to phoning?


A little off topic, but I still do not understand how hablamos can mean both "we speak" and "we spoke". How can you tell when -amos is past or present tense?


rob- with context. EX : What have you done yesterday after dinner? hablamos con el vecino. I talked to the neighbor. Children, what are you doing now? Hablamos con el vecino.


I think that "They did not call the doctor" should be accepted.


Accepted as of March 10th, 2016


didnt talk with the doc


Oh now I see why it's talked and not called, called wouldn't make sense with the "con"


Doesn't adding onto the infinitive (to blank) verb also make it future tense? ie i will talk = hablaro? How do you keep that straight?


I was tempted to put "talk to the doctor" but Duolingo sometimes accepts that as a translation of "hablar + con" and other times it's not accepted.

[deactivated user]

    it doesn't specify whether the doctor is male or female. both should be considered correct. it also says to the doctor not with, i feel a la doctor should be correct as well.


    What s wrong with “with” for “con” ?

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