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past participle

Are all (or the vast majority) of past participles in german of the form ge+verb e.g sehen and gesehen or are there many german verbs with 'ge' as part of the infinitive?

September 19, 2012



The "easy" forms of past participles are: ge-(root)-t; (root)-t; ge-(root)-en; (root)-en. Here (root) means the root of the verb (example: ROOT[arbeiten] = "arbeit"). Examples: meinen -> gemeint ; erwarten -> erwartet; sehen -> gesehen; verlaufen -> verlaufen. I don't remember any verb with the particle "ge-" being part of the root. Apart from this, there are a bunch of Starke Verben, they have irregular participles and you must learn this exception by practicing (don't worry, just a few of them are really bizarre).


"gebrauchen" - "Ich habe das Werkzeug gebraucht." (Either from "gebrauchen" - to use or from "brauchen" - to need) You only know from the context.

"genehmigen" - "Ich habe den Antrag genehmigt."

"geloben" - "Ich habe gelobt, etwas zu tun" (to promise, to vow) "Ich habe das Kind gelobt." (from "loben" to compliment)

"gestellen" - "Ich habe das Regal gestellt." (Either from "gestellen" - to provide or from "stellen" - to put (upright))

"gewähren" - "Etwas wurde mir gewährt." (Something was granted to me) - "währen" - "Was lange währt, wird endlich gut." (to last)

"gestalten" (to design)

... there are lots.

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