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"Eles escrevem sobre aquecimento."

Translation:They write about heating.

June 14, 2013



Heating must be a much more interesting topic than I realized.


When i saw that, thought they were referring to "warming", from Global warming (aquecimento global)


Thank you. It's almost always worth reading the comments attached to each translation, so even if I'm sure about the meaning, I always read the comments.


I thought the same and wrote warming but it was marked incorrect.


Pensei o mesmo.


ooohhh.... that's a hot topic.


Warming, heating...o mesmo.


Heating and warming are similar, but they are not the same in American English. Heating is used for the heating system in homes and other buildings. It generally refers to an intentional act, like heating a meal. Warming would not be used in these contexts.


Let me piggy back from your comment. You can pretty much say that warming is the product of heating. So as you described, if you're on the stove applying fire to your meal then you're heating your meal up. As a consequence of heating up your meal, it will warm up.


Great explanation, lugosky! I knew there was a difference; I just couldn't figure out what it was :-)


Actually in many parts of America we say we're warming up our food. When we say that it means we are reheating leftovers. :-)


I wrote "they write about warming" and was marked wrong. If Paulenrique is right, my sentence should be accepted (aqueciento global = global warming).


Why they could not write about warming? How it is possible to understand that in this sentence they write exactly about heating?


Eu achei a mesma coisa! Alguém me explicou que em inglês as palavras "heating" e "warming" não querem dizer a mesma coisa. Então, não podemos trocar a uma pela outra quando falando no inglês. ;)


Well, I can understand the difference between these words in English. I cannot understand why is incorrect to translate "aquecimento" as "warming" in this exact sentence.

[deactivated user]

    Why isn't Present Continuous accepted?


    That is "eles estão escrevendo"


    Wouldn't proper English suggest writing about warmth rather than heating? The verb in this situation has no subject, therefore warmth would be a more general term to describe practically the exact same thing.


    'aquecimento' is warming also, isn't it

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