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  5. "Jeg ønsker et svar."

"Jeg ønsker et svar."

Translation:I want an answer.

October 10, 2014



Ønske means wish, but if I type wish it says me it is not correct ...


This is a kind of idiomatic usage. It is a polite demand, not a wish.


It is typical in danish. I am a teacher and i often say stuff like(in danish) "i would like you all to sit down now". Or " please do not play soccer in the hallway" but those is not requests eather


Jesper, how would you say your examples in Danish? Tak!


If you wrote "I wish an answer" then it is not a grammatically correct sentence.

If you wrote "I wish FOR an answer" then I believe it should have been accepted. Whilst it is less commonly used, it has a similar meaning to "I would like an answer". In many cases, it is closer to "I DEMAND an answer".


Is there a difference between "ønsker" and "vil"?


Like the former replier said, "ønsker" means to wish or want something very bad, and "vil" is just "want". In this case you could actually write "Jeg vil have et svar" and it would be correct, but that's not always the case. Think of the difference as:

Ønsker = would like/wish Vil = want! (fist banging table)


Would you say that using 'ønsker' is a more polite way of saying you want something?


Yes, I'd say so. Both have just about the same meaning, but "ønsker" is a tiny bit more polite, whereas "vil" is more common


For more politeness you can also add "gerne". "Jeg vil gerne have et svar".


Can you say something like "jeg ønsker pasta, tak" when ordering food or something, or is the "vil gerne have" form more common?


In that case I would use either "jeg vil have" or "jeg vil gerne bede om"


"Jeg vil gerne have..." is far more common when ordering anything.


ønsker = i wish. ek: jeg ønsker mig en ny bil (you're thinking about it in your head)

vil gerne have = i would like. ek: jeg vil gerne have en bil (you're telling the salesman)


I would like an anser, is not correct?


This is a bit off topic but does anyone know if this usage of "ønske" happens to apply to "önska" in Swedish? The Swedish Duo course covers it but it seems to be pretty restricted to meaning to wish for something to happen.


why "wish" is wrong instead of "want"???


I would like to know why "I want a reply" is wrong and then it suggests me "Correct solution: • I desire a reply., • I want an answer."

Since English is not my native language, now I wonder if you can't say "I want a reply" in English.


Yes, you can. Report it the next time you meet the same question.

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