"A festa continua desde ontem à noite."

Translation:The party continues since last night.

June 14, 2013

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could "the party is still going from last night" be an acceptable english translation?


"the party is still going on from last night" is more normal


Not in my country, it's not. (Australia)


I would choose to translate this as 'The party has been going since last night', or 'the party started last night, and continues [or, is continuing].'


OK, it doesn't use the verb to continue, but the sense of the statement is "The party started last night" isn't it?


It started last night and continues up to now...


If I was actually at the party and said to someone "the party started last night" that would be a fair translation I guess. Obviously context is everything.

The accepted version "The party continues since last night" sounds a bit odd and maybe "continues since" is better as "continues from" or even "carries on from". Oh well, the lesson, as always, is to try to be as literal as possible and then curse when you are caught out :-)


Yeah.... they love literal translations :S "the party started last night" they would translated as "a festa começou ontem à noite", literally speaking...


“The party has continued since yesterday evening.” is an accepted translation and seems better than the current main translation (“The party continues since last night.”). I’m not sure whether that main translation is actually wrong or just very unusual.

[deactivated user]

    In English this sentence can be translated as present perfect or present perfect continuous.


    I would say "the party has been going on since last night"

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