"The boys eat apples."

Translation:I ragazzi mangiano mele.

June 14, 2013

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In a previous exercise "the boys drink water" was "i ragazzi beviano acqua", not "i ragazzi beviano l'acqua".

Now we have "the boys eat apples" and the answer is NOT "i ragazzi mangiano mele" it's "i ragazzi mangiano le mele". It's saying you can't drop the article on apples...

Why can we not drop the "le" on "mele" the same way we were instructed to drop the "l'" on "water"?

The seeming arbitrariness of articles presence or absence is very confusing.


I and le. When to use one or the other


I for masculine words, le for female Il piatto - > I piatti La mela - > le mele


It keeps telling me it's wrong when it's right


In a year it has not been corrected. Some times I use the wrong word to be able to pass the question "correctly", just to continue with the lesson. Knowing that I am using the correct word. Apparently nobody reads when we report something wrong.


Do you have to say "le" for "the" or would you be able to the say the boys eat apples as opposed to the boys eat the apples?


The expected translation is wrong. The english sentence does not use an article which leeds to talking about apples in general and not about a certain amount of apples. so there is no need for an article in italian. If you expect "le mele" you need to ask for "the apples".


I'm confused--I thought "gli" was the masculine plural, rather than "I"? Grazie.


gli- masculine plural before a vowel, an h, s+consonant, z,ps,gn,y.

i- masculine plural for all other cases

il-masculine singular

lo-masculine singular before s+consonant, z,ps, gn, y.

l'-masculine and feminine singular before a vowel

la-feminine singular

le-feminine plural


Keep telling me I am wrong, even when top and bottom looks exactly the same? How must I complete the lesson?


Why is the article 'le' used here? I thought it was used only for talking about specific things and not general things


Are you kidding? When using the keyboard to write the answer you want the translation "i ragazzi mangiano LE mele" - but when using the bubbles to just pick the words no LE is needed. That's ridiculous


i ragazzi mangiano le mele...is di mele not correct?


It should be "delle mele"


Whether to write "THE" or not, sometimes they do, sometimes they don't


if I write ragazzi or ragazze it says it is the wrong word.


It should not be "le mele"


I did right and now they say was wrong! ????


It says its wrong and it is right


I translated this correctly, the response was incorrect and the 'correction' was exactly as my translation - 3 times!


I can't continue because it says it wrong. Wth!!!


I agree. And i guess an Italian would understand anyway

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