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"Have you swum in the swimming pool?"

Translation:Heb je in het zwembad gezwommen?

October 10, 2014



"Heb je gezwommen in het zwembad" is echt geen foute zin (dutch native speaker); is a correct translation.


Hoi Martin, gebruik alsjeblieft de "Report a Problem" knop om ontbrekende vertalingen te melden. Bedankt!


I would be glad to, but in this screen I don't see a "report a problem" button, so ...


Hi Martin,

When you get the text box saying whether your answer was correct or not, next to the text you can see two little icons: a 'speech bubble', and a little flag. The flag is the so-called "report a problem/meeld een probleem" button.

Hope this helps!


What is wrong about "Zwom je in het zwembad?" ?

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