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Por favor me ajudem com essas questões, pois estou com muitas dúvidas .

Por favor, me ajudem nestas questões. .1)-Choose the correct alternative to fill in the blanks:

Moving to a big city

David: Hugh, I know you are from Birmingham, so what made you come here?Hugh: well, I __to stay with my parents anymore; besides,we can get better jobs here. David: that's true. There are more opportunities in big cities. How long___you ___in london? Hugh: For three years. you? David: Since I was born.

a)- didn't want - have.. ....work b)-want - have.....worning c)-didn't want - have ......workend d)- wanted- has.....work

2)-Choose the correct alternative to fill in the blanks:

George: Hey , Lucy, daddy is over there._ he ___the newspaper? Lucy: No, he never_the newspaper in the morning. He_____to do it at night.

a)-Is / reading / reads / prefers b)- Is / reads/ reads/ prefer c)-Does / reads / reads/ prefers d)-Does / reading / read / prefer

3)- Choose the correct alternative to fill in the blanks:

Tomorrow is a busy day for me. I have lots to do. I will have to wake up very early and run many errands in the morning.I hope my mom can help me out. In the afternoon I am meeting my friend janet, it's been a long time we don't see each other.I don't know if my boyfriend will be able to come to the game with us. I think he____

a)- didn't have time. b)- won't have time. c)-isn't have time. d)-don't have time.

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