June 15, 2013

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i am fine! killing people and exploding some planets ... the usual!

kkkkk you are funny ^^

Thank you! you're hot ....So come with me I'll show you "the dark side" ... muahaha-MUAHAHA (evil laugh)

hello! how are you?

hi! i am fine, thanks, and you?

Hi, My name is João Vitor

Hello! I am a Caveman and my name is Brucutu.

Whats your age?

HAHA, hi brucutu, if you're a caveman, i'm the superman.


I see you in the movie theater.

Brucutu! I am your father!


muahaha-MUAHAHA (evil laugh)

Lend me the ship tonight?

Hi, Brucutu. I am Seu Madruga, how are you?

I fine, where you live?

Hello, guys! How are you?

hello ,how are you ?

Hi! How are you? Nice to meet you, My name is Gustavo, i have 18 years old and i'm a industrial engineer student in UFSCar, a federal university of Brazil! :)

oh, I am 17 years old.. ;)

Hi '-' what you think about soccer?

:S you copied me. #OIN(Only it not.)

Hello guys How are you? What are you do in your free time?

hahaha hello, we are learning very well! Congratulations for us, don't you think?

Good afternoon! Bye!

hello, how are you ?

Anybody here add as a friend to talk in english?

My name is Nelma

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