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"Your names are William and Rose?"

Translation:Jullie namen zijn Willem en Roos?

October 10, 2014



Why translate the names?


And it is done for kings, queens, popes and maybe some others:

  • koning Willem = king William
  • koning Boudewijn = king Baudouin
  • paus Franciscus = pope Francis
  • paus Johannes Paulus = pope John Paul


Normally, you won't translate names, but these are the Dutch equivalents, it's good to know what name it is in English when you hear a name :) [I guess they accept the original names too]


It is also gives you a chance to work on the letters pronunciation, as you need to transfer the sound of William into Dutch sounds.


Why not: Zijn jullie namen willem en roos? Or am i englishifying it?


That's "Are your names William and Rose?" In english you might say, "Your names are William and Rose?" kind of as a clarification question. That's what this is


Just working from the examples of schaap -> schapen, and naam -> namen, is it a rule that singular nouns with an aa in the middle have only one a in the plural? Bedankt!

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