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Multiple Courses with Different Base-Languages


I'm a german native speaker and have learned french in high school. I wanted to refresh it using the German > French Course. But I also want to evolve and learn dutch. So I chose the English > Dutch Class. Now I always have to "re-join" either of the two classes when I want to switch. Although the process is saved (most of the time), it is really annoying.

Is there anything planned to fix this feature or will it stay that way?


October 10, 2014



Try this: https://www.duolingo.com/comment/3088922
I am using a modified form and I am really happy with it.
BTW I am doing the same course combination that you do.


This is neat! Thank You! However I usually use duolingo with my iPhone on the go, so this should definitely find its way into the app :)

Edit: It's not quite working as expected. When I hover over English, Dutch is not Displayed. And if I click on English when hovering over Dutch, nothing happens. What modified version are you using?


I am curious about the same thing. I really wanted to do Spanish from German so that I could strengthen German (my second language) while learning Spanish. That course isn't available yet. German from Spanish is in progress, I think, so after I finish the Spanish from English tree I plan to try German from Spanish, but I guess I'll have to create a separate user name to do it.


As I wrote, it is possible to do severeal courses with several "mothertongues" - however it sometimes deletes your process and it's tricky to switch. jayeidge's link provides a script which helps with that in the browser version (not very well as I experienced) but it's a start.

So I don't think that you need to create a new user to do so.


That's nice to know, vcr80. Thanks for the information.


You don't have to. You just have to go to your flag icon, then go to "Add a new course", then there should be an option for "I speak:". You can just choose Spanish and you should see all the courses that are available for Spanish speakers.


Guten Tag! I'm guessing that it will stay that way because it should display as another language under a line. The page should reload as the interface will be change to the mother language. This happens to me. I take the German for English course and to switch to the English for German course I select Englisch, which is under a line. P.S. You should also try the reverse course of the French for German speakers course, in which case you want to do the German for French course. The interface of the two courses are different, and will help you enhance your French.

Good luck!

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