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Maltese Lesson 4

As you may know, I have been trying to get Maltese on here, but it hasn't happened yet. So, if you wanted to learn it, maybe you can learn a bit from these lessons that I will post.

<h1>Maltese Lesson 4 - Colours & Sentence-Building</h1>


  • The following are the colours in Maltese, listed like this - masculine / feminine / plural:

  • red = aħmar / ħamra / ħomor ('AH-huh-mar / Hom-rah / Hom-or')

  • blue = blu / blu / blu ('bloo')

  • green = aħdar / ħadra / ħodor ('AH-huh-dar / Hod-rah / Hod-or')

  • yellow = isfar / safra / sofor ('ISS-far / SAF-rah / so-fOr')

  • purple = vjola / vjola / vjola ('vyO-lah')

  • black = iswed / sewda / suwed ('ISS-wed / SOO-dah / SOO-wed')

  • grey = griż / griża / griżi ('grEEze / grEEza / grEEzee')

  • white = abjad / bajda / bojod ('AHb-yad / BYE-da / BO-yod')

  • orange = oranġjo / oranġjo / oranġjo ('or-AHN-jyo')

  • light blue = ċelesti / ċelesti / ċelesti ('cheh-lEst-ee')

  • pink = roża / roża / roża ('ROH-zah')

  • brown = kannella / kannella / kannella ('kan-ELL-ah')

  • As you will have gathered from that, Maltese isn't great for patterns - you just have to learn them!


  • You need to remember this: the following is taken directly from the previous lesson:

  • As in many languages, the adjective in Maltese comes after the noun. Here are a few examples:

  • il-karozza ħamra = the red car (directly translates as 'the car red').

  • ir-raġel kwiet = the quiet man (directly translates as 'the man quiet').

  • it-tuffieħ tiegħek = your apple (directly translates as 'the apple of yours').

  • In Maltese, the sentence structure is like this: subject - verb - object . Basically, the same as English.

  • So, 'the man has an apple' is 'ir-raġel għandu tuffieħa'. 'Ir-raġel' is 'the man', 'għandu' is 'has' and 'tuffieħa' is '(an) apple'.

  • 'He is in front of you' = 'Hu quddiem inti'. The preposition comes after thing that is in front, but before the thing that has something in front of it .

  • 'Because I don't know how' = 'Għax ma nafx kif'. 'Kif' means 'how' and 'għax' means because, so this sentence is phrased the same as in English. We'll get to negatives after we do verbs.

  • Here's something else from the third lesson you should remember:

  • mine = tiegħi

  • yours = tiegħek

  • his = tiegħu

  • hers = tagħa

  • ours = tagħna

  • yours (plural) = tagħkom

  • theirs = tagħhom


  • her flag = il-bandiera tagħa (the flag of hers).

  • our book = il-ktieb tagħna (the book of ours).

  • my bus = ix-xarabank tiegħi (the bus of mine).

Okay, questions:

I. How do you say 'the Maltese flag is red, white and grey'? Remember that the word for flag is feminine, and the feminine word for 'is' is 'hi' .

II. What is the sentence structure in Maltese?

III. Translate the following:

  • ħodor

  • ix-xarabank

  • ma nafx

I hope this makes sense to you. I'm happy to provide assistance if you need it. Until next week!

Grazzi ħafna!


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October 10, 2014



This is awesome! My fiancees paternal family are from Malta, from the Rabat area, so they do speak a regional form of Maltese, but I have never been able to learn ANY maltese because there doesn't seem to be many sources.

The Maltese flag is red, white and grey = il-bandiera maltija hi ħamar, bajdu, u griża

Inhobb l-ilsien Malti


Nice one! Unfortunately there are very few resources for Maltese, which is why it would be fantastic if it were on Duolingo.

Two minor corrections - it's ħamra and bajda - but good job. Delighted to see more interest.


Great stuff! Many thanks for going to all the trouble to explain this so clearly (at least when the course is eventually accepted you won't have to write the grammar notes from scratch!).


I didn't think of that, maybe it could be used for the grammar notes! If you don't understand anything tell me.


Two years later and still no Maltese course. Sigh

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