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I started doing level 1, lesson 1, just to see how the site worked. Actually my level is upper-intermediate. But now I can't get out of this basic level. All the subsequent lessons are padlocked. How do we move about between levels and topics?

For this to work for me, I would need to be able to move rapidly between levels and topics. For example, one day I might want to revise some really basic stuff, the next day I might like to try some advanced topics. I don't want to have to complete every basic lesson before I am allowed to try the more advanced lessons. Apart from this, the site looks good, it just needs more flexibility.

April 28, 2012



You could either use the shortcuts, the yellow locks in the skill tree, or you can just test out of a single skill in the tree at the time by clicking "Test out of this skill" in the upper right corner when you are in a skill.


Yes I think I've found out how to do it now, using 'test out'. I was probably being a bit impatient.


Thanks to Zupher!


Perfect, this was what I was looking for, too. Thank you!

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