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  5. "What do you feel?"

"What do you feel?"

Translation:Hvad føler du?

October 10, 2014



Ehh..Just a thought. I understand why it would be 'føler' for this sentence, but my friend says no one would really say 'Hvad føler du?' And would rather say 'Hvad synes du?'


I had interpreted this sentence as asking what you feel, like you could ask in a medical situation. "What is it you feel?" Then the answer could be pain, a strange tingling, ... No idea if this is correct, but it could explain the difference from "synes". With that word, I would translate the sentence as "what do you think?".


You a right. Ask with føler if you want to know about feelings and syntes if you want an opinion


So, foler is for both touch and feelings ?


Hvordan har du det is right


"How do you have it?"

Nah, that's not right. That's asking for a description of coffee or something

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