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"Her pants"

Translation:I suoi pantaloni

June 15, 2013



how can i tell the difference between his and her in italian. I'm finding it difficult to tell a difference between them if there is one. Is it the case that the gender of the pronoun only refers to the noun and not the "possessor"of the noun (if that makes any sense)?


"Is it the case that the gender of the pronoun only refers to the noun and not the "possessor"of the noun (if that makes any sense)?"


Because of this you can't tell the difference between his or her in Italian. Usually it should be clear from the context which one is meant but Duolingo's sentences don't have a broader context. Instead they accept both his and her on the English translation of every sentence like this... (Even if only one of them is given as the correct translation they still accept both as correct. Or they should. Report it if you find otherwise.)

In real life Italian, if you can't tell from the context whether "i suoi pantaloni" means his pants or her pants, you should use the possessive form of di instead ie: 'i pantaloni di lui' or 'i pantaloni di lei' or 'i pantaloni della donna' etc


Hello, I wrote "I pantaloni di lei" and it said it was not correct, is that really so irl? Thank you!


In short....when is something his, but it is for example SCARPA, you need to take it like femine accordingly to gender of the word you use....Her cats = I suoi gatti; His shoes = Le sue scarpe.......


i wrote pantaloni but it said i was wrong and that i should put "mutande" instead.why is that?

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"mutande" is correct, unless you are in America where they seem to mix up pants and trousers.


What is the difference between suoi and sui?


I have not learnt plurals in suoi tuoi muoi until this point. They werent on previous lessons, even though they were in the title card.


calzoni is also acceptable altough pantaloni is more used.


I am currently studying the Gerund module and this has popped up. A bug I presume?


How about "Le sue mutande"? Duo suggests that is the correct translation but i see bunch of panties instead of pants on google. I can't not trust Duo 100 percent like this... :(


I'm sorry, but mutadine is the correct translation of 'pants' in British English. Pants means underwear


No, mutande. I'm happy sharing DL with Americans - and Duo is usually quite good at accepting British or American vocabulary.


Actually, it seems that mutande are mens' underpants, and mutandine (two "n"s) are panties.


So pants is given plurality despite really being singular?


There are two legs...


Yes - just as in English where the words pants and trousers are both plural nouns despite only referring to one item of clothing.


Yes, unfortunately it is a problem of interpretation, In the UK 'her pants' could be either singular or plural. Viz: 'Her many pants are in her wardrobe. Plural. ( I was going to write '...in her draws.' but that would have sparked a measure of hilarity.) otherwise, 'She is wearing a nice pair of pants today. Singular


'I suoi' is masculine plural to match the gender of 'pantaloni'. The [su] part hidden in there lets you know it's about a chica


Actually it would depend on the context. This sentence could mean her or his pants. (OR its pants)


I replaced the i in pantaloni with e and it said I was wrong.


It's a masculine noun, so the plural needs to end as masculine plural nouns do, with "i" -if it were a feminine plural noun, it would end in "e" like le banane (the bananas) or le mucche (the cows).


I wrote the correct answer , still I was told it was wrong, why.?



Why le sue pantaloni is not the correct answer?


Pants is plural, so you know pants will end in an i= pantaloni. They are HER pants (meaning, plural pants belonging to the third person, because Italian doesn't show us a difference between his and hers), so you know the words for "belonging to a third person, not me, not you" will be one of the two plural options, either i suoi or le sue. You picked "le sue" forgetting that it was a masculine possessive noun, so it has to be "i suoi." If pants were a feminine noun, the plural possessive would use "le sue" -- like if you said "her bananas" it would be "le sue banane." (Right? I think that's right!)


Pants can be singular or plural in English. I have a pair of pants means I have one pair. If I have several pair of pants, same word but more than one. How do you differentiate in Italian if I'm talking about having one pair (il suo) or more than one pair (i suoi) of pants?


Pants in English is not plural! A pair of pants is one item. Pairs of pants means you have more than one.


My pants are blue. My pants are torn. "Pants" is plural. A "pair of pants" is not plural because the subject is "pair". "Of pants" further describes the word "pair". This pair of pants is old. That pair of pants has bell bottoms. This pair is great. This pair fits perfectly.

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