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Vocab lists

I want to create some lists of words to learn that as far as I know aren't covered by duolingo.

Thing is when I look up a word in the dictionary, they often have multiple translations. For example, I tried the word 'dysphoria' and was given:

dysforie ; ongenoegen ; neerslachtigheid ; onrust

Obviously since I'm not a native speaker I have no idea which of those words means what I want it to mean. Perhaps they all do...perhaps none of them do!

Point is, since I have no way of guessing and don't want to spend time learning the wrong words, does anybody have any suggestions about the best way to find vocabulary words and/or check to see which is the most appropriate to use?

October 10, 2014

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Linguee is a great resource. It is a translation database, which allows you to search the web for bilingual texts with the words you are looking for. It's excellent for seeing the context of words that you are trying translate, something that a dictionary usually doesn't offer.

Edit: link fixed

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