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iOS progress breaking bug: app doesn't register lesson completion

Second time I've run into this bug. Posted it a couple of weeks ago found a workaround but no one responded.

First time was English to Portuguese objects 2 lesson 10. This time it's English to german adjectives predicative 2 lesson 10. For both no matter how many times I complete the last lesson on the iOS app does not register the progress. It still shows only 9/10 progress no matter what I do.

This is a huge problem because without lesson 10 complete you can't advance in the tree.

The workaround is to complete the last lesson on PC.

October 10, 2014



Coincidentally you can use this bug to farm as much lingots as you want. Every time you finish lesson 10, you get 2 lingots for completing a topic. Since the progress bar is always at 9/10 if you ever needed a ton of lingots you could get them relatively quickly this way.


Why would anybody need a ton of lingots? I have 113 lingots, and I don't know what to do with them, I already bought everything in the store


I honestly have no idea... but if you did want them and you randomly got that bug you could get them quickly :)


What version of the iOS app are you using?


Latest version on the app. Something else that might have to do with this is I did some sections of the german lesson on PC an some on iphone. I don't remember if I switched back and forth for the Portuguese lesson though. Ios 7.1.2 on an iPhone 4s.

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