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  5. "Como você escreve uma carta?"

"Como você escreve uma carta?"

Translation:How do you write a letter?

June 15, 2013



Aaaah...how many meanings does "como" have?

I thought this said "You like to write a letter?" :-(


Como = how, like, as, (i) eat. I eat an orange everyday = como uma laranja todo dia. She works as a teacher = ela trabalha como professora. How are you? = como você está / como vai você?. Pay attention= I'm like my father = sou COMO meu pai / I like my father = gosto do meu pai. You have to remember (and know how to differenciate) when like means "como" or the verb "gostar"


Don't forget that, depending of the intonation, como may also mean what, when you ask the person to repeat what he/she said: (bold in intonation)
- Como? = How? (falling int.)
- Como? = What? (rising int.)
- Como você disse? = How did you said it? (falling int.)
- Como você disse? = What did you said?
(rising int.)


Thanks for the examples! Just a note on the English, it should be 'How did you SAY it?' and 'What did you SAY?' (not SAID). ;)


As always, many thanks, Paulenrique. I have a question on "como vai voce." I've seen it also as "como voce vai?"...The former was noted to mean "How are ya?" and the latter, more formal "How are you?" Any difference or preference?..I confuse them at times.


In fact, I don't see any degree of formality =/, but "como você vai?" is a bit rare. If you want to be more formal, use "como você está?" Or even "como o senhor / a senhora está?".


Less formality for me! I was thinking voce needed to be before the verb vai. Correto? Then I started learning the lyrics to Roberto Carlos... http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=GlGMkuLrM6E


Or this song: "Como vai você? Eu preciso saber da tua vida. Eu só vim pra lhe contar sobre o meu dia..."


You could also say "tudo jóia?". I use it sometimes.


I up-voted. Thanks for your efforts and closer details.

BTW: " " two blanks at the end will create a newline ;)


Thanks. I know some of my comments might be confusing. I usually type fast and sometimes I'm using a device instead of a PC, so I dont pay much attention to it. Thanks for the tip.


So theoretically, "como eu como como cavalos" means "how do i eat like horses"?


"Eu como você." I ❤❤❤❤ you.

"Alguém como você." Someone like you.

"Eu como o bolo de" cenoura. I eat the carrot cake.

"Ele trabalha como advogado". He works as a lawyer.

"Como ela está?" How is she? "Como vai você?" How are you?

"Como eu chego na rodoviária?"

How do I get to the bus station?

"Como é que é?" What?!


"Eu como você" means i eat you.


Does this share the English meaning "How does one write a letter in general?" or must it be strictly addressed to a person?


General sense: como se escreve uma carta?


Does Portuguese use a "one" pronoun as we do in French? Or does it rely on the "you" pronoun as we do in English? e.g. How does one write a letter? Comment écrit-on une lettre?


We usually use se and the verb for the 3rd singular person.

  • how do you say carta in English? = como se diz carta em inglês?
  • comment écrit-on une lettre? = como se escreve uma carta?


So instead of changing the pronoun, you turn the verb into a reflexive. That's interesting and useful. I wouldn't be getting nearly as much out of Duolingo without Paulenrique!


That's it. Obrigado pelo elogio! =)


você always uses ê


Why "How do you write a mail" isn't accepted?


I always write card instead of letter because thats what i say in the UK but thats considered wrong :// anyone else??

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