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  5. "Kvinden løber mens han går."

"Kvinden løber mens han går."

Translation:The woman runs while he walks.

October 11, 2014



I put WHILST instead of WHILE and it failed me. Is there a reason why I cant use WHILST?


I'm sure I've done an exercise the same as this and "the woman" worked instead of "the lady". What is defining the "kvinden" as specially being a lady?


I would say "The woman" means "kvinden", while "The lady" is more like "Damen", which is a bit more classy to say. Normally you speak of women in Denmark like "Kvinder (women)".


is there any distinction between "goes" and "walks" for that sentence in Danish? I translated it as "The woman runs while he goes" and got failed. I'm fine to redo, but would love to understand if "goes" also fits or that's wrong indeed


I don't see the word "while"

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