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"Vegetarians do not eat meat but they eat red apples."

Translation:Vegetarer spiser ikke kød men de spiser røde æbler.

October 11, 2014



In the multiple choice one, one of the sentences translates to 'Vegetarians do not eat meat but they eat red vegetarians'... xD


I got "red turtles" instead :D


Can anyone explain why this doesn’t end with “...men spiser de røde æbler” where the second verb is flipped to the front? I remember this happened in a similar sentence in previous lessons


There are two main clauses and “men“ is the conjunction binding them together. Both of the main clauses have the normal order of words used in main clauses.


That is exactly what i was wondering as i was marked incorrect previously for saying de spiser en bof and it corrected me to spiser de en bof.


I think if it ended with 'men spiser de røde æbler' it would read as 'vegetarians do not eat meat, but do they eat apples'- 'spiser de' suggests it is a question (eats they)


That is a good one. Bunch of rules combined into a one sentence! :o


when to use 'de spiser' and 'spiser de' ._.


One of the sentences translates to "Oranges do not eat meat but they eat red apples"

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