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Thanks Duolingo!

This is just a thank you to all the people in duolingo for their awesome website.

While there are ups and downs with any website that has a sizeable community and provides education value through gamification I don't fail to recognize the value of this whole project.

I'm specially happy that I could resolve a streak issueI had via proper reporting and wanted to let others know about this mini success so they don't get demotivated should something similar happen to them:


Special thanks to @Usagiboy7 for the advice:

"I recommend filing a report through support@duolingo.com Let them know all of the steps you took to maintain your streak, date of incident, etc. Be sure to include your Duolingo username. "

October 11, 2014



A very good point, I suspect that lots of people just post on the trouble shooting forum, which is great if you want some advice or you're not sure if it is a fault, but using the support tab gets it formally noted in a database of problems (this could be very big of course) but it will get seen by the technical people. You also get a ticket number so you can follow it up.

PS your username and e-mail address is automatically added to the report.


Thanks! Glad we could help you!

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