"It is definitely not the same."

Translation:Sicuramente non è uguale.

June 15, 2013

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If "non è assolutamente uguale" means "it is definitely not the same", how would you say "it is not absolutely the same"?


non é lo stesso essatamente


esattamente would be the spelling


But why not "definitivamente non è uguale"?


It's probably better. It says "It is definitely not the same", which is different from the Italian translation, which says "It is not definitely the same".


Yes, I reported it. This suggested translation is definitely not the same as the Italian sentence. The Italian sentence means that there is no doubt that the two things are different, and this translation means that they are not absolutely the same, but they are similar. The first thing emphasizes the differences, the latter reduces it. These sentences have different meaning, depending of the position of the word ''definitely, absolutely etc.'': 1.) It is definitely not the same --> strong emphasizing on differences --> totally different. 2.) It is not definitely the same --> milder, forgiving way --> ok, they are not 100% the same, but they are similar.


I don't think DL's translation is correct. Surely "Non è assolutamente uguale." means "It is not absolutely the same" meaning "Some parts of it are not the same". DL is playing nasty here, DL would not allow us to that subtle difference and should not allow itself that latitude.

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