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  5. "Wir sind auch Studenten."

"Wir sind auch Studenten."

Translation:We are also university students.

October 11, 2014



Does the sentence mean "we are students as well as something else" (like waiter...) or "we, too, are students like you"?


It could mean either of those things, depending on the intonation: Wir sind auch StuDENTen "We are students as well as something else" / WIR sind AUCH Studenten "we, too, are students like you".

For the second meaning, you could also say Auch wir sind Studenten.


In American English, "We are also college students" should be accepted. I was under the impression that Student = college student (or "uni student" in British English), while Schueler = K-12 student


In usa, Student= student of any kind. A person actively going to school classrooms in any school to or a person being taught by another person whether a private tutor/teacher or even your own mother= student. the teacher can be anybody. it does not have to be an official teacher and you dont have to be an official student. for example, if you go into the mountains and are learning kung fu from a hermit, you would be his student and he would be your teacher. College/university - too long to get into - you can call all college or university( yes, there's a usa difference) students "college students", but if a student is enrolled in a 2-year long post-grade school educational institution, known as a "college", and most will literally have "college" in their title(their name), like west los angeles college or Los angeles city college, then they cannot be accurately described as a university student. These colleges can be used to complete the first 2 years of the 4 years we spend in university in usa. And you cannot get a Bachelors degree, a 4-year degree, in a college like the examples i gave. Inside universities, their schools for different subjects are sometimes called "college of engineering" or "college of arts", but I am not talking about schools within universities so dont get confused by that.


the colleges im talking about are known as "community colleges"

[deactivated user]

    I am so sick of typing out "university student" every time!


    don't bother then - it accepts "student" as university student!

    [deactivated user]

      Wow, thanks! I had no idea!


      Why is "We are students also" wrong?


      That may be correct in Indian English, but Duo generally focusses on US English, with allowances made for UK English, but generally not other forms such as South Africa, Australia, Canada, or India.

      So Duo expects the word order "We are also students".


      Duo didn't accept "We also are students" and I am as American as they come.


      Is this also possible?:

      • Wir sind Studenten auch


      No; that's not possible.


      Can someone please tell the difference between. Plural Male Students. Plural Female Students. Plural (Male+female) students.

      Male Pupil (Der Schüler) Female Pupil (Die Schüler.....) Plural Male Pupils. Plural Female Pupils. Plural (Male+female) pupils


      University students:

      male: der Student, die Studenten // female: die Studentin, die Studentinnen

      For university students of both genders, it used to be common to use die Studenten as a generic plural; however, it's common these days to see die Studierenden (inflects like an adjective, e.g. Studierende without an article before it) as a gender-neutral plural. That literally means "(people who are) studying".

      School pupils:

      male: der Schüler, die Schüler // female: die Schülerin, die Schülerinnen

      I don't know of a commonly-used truly gender-neutral plural here; using die Schüler is probably the best way to go here unless you use die Schulkinder "the schoolchildren".


      Why there is this "en" in the end of Student?


      Because Student is a masculine weak noun (it belongs to the n-declension):

      In this case, it's the plural ending.

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