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Halloween "Bonus Skill" (now w/ Spanish/Dutch/French/Italian/German/Norwegian/Portuguese/Maltese)

Hi everyone,

There was a recently discussion about the need for a Halloween bonus skill! Since that hasn’t appeared just yet and since we don’t know whether it might be in the works, here’s a list of 20 words or terms often used at Halloween and their Spanish translation. See below for links to similar lists prepared by other Duolingo users in Dutch, French, Italian, German, Norwegian, Portuguese, and Maltese.

I’m familiar with some of these words, but had to look up others; some words have multiple translations, including some regional words, so if you see a mistake, please let me know and I’ll be glad to edit and correct. Here's the Spanish list:

Apparition -- la aparición

Bag -- la bolsa

Black cat -- el gato ❤❤❤❤❤

Broom -- la escoba

Broomstick -- el palo de escoba

To carve -- tallar (regular verb)

Costume -- el disfraz (disguise)

Devil -- el diablo

Ghost -- el fantasma (ghost, phantom, phantasm, spectre, bogey, shadow)

Goodies -- las golosinas

Halloween -- Halloween o Víspera de Todos los Santos (literally, Eve of All the Saints, or All Saints’ Eve)

Haunted house -- la casa embrujada

Jack-o’-lantern -- Jack-o’-lantern o Jack-o’-linterna

Mask -- la máscara

Monster -- el monstruo

Mummy -- la momia

Pumpkin -- la calabaza

Skeleton -- el esqueleto

Trick or Treat -- truco o trato

Vampire -- el vampiro

Werewolf -- el hombre lobo (literally, the wolf man)

Witch -- la bruja

And yes, for those who actually took time to count them, I added a few bonus words since this was, after all, billed as a bonus skill!

Thanks to other Duolingo members listed below for preparing the following similar lists for their languages:

davidvdb's Dutch list: https://www.duolingo.com/comment/4958925

knittengirl's French list: http://www.memrise.com/course/61965/duolingo-french/65/

dweiums' Italian list: http://www.memrise.com/course/420894/duolingo-italian-halloween-words/

DrWho100's German list: https://www.duolingo.com/comment/4988928)

fveldig's Norwegian list: http://www.memrise.com/course/425788/halloween-4/

Anderlc's Portuguese list: https://www.duolingo.com/comment/5044534

StrapsOption's Maltese list: https://www.duolingo.com/comment/5255161

See lvcps's and louise.orance's comments below for several more Halloween-related Spanish regional and specialty words and phrases. Since these are in Spanish, I invite those studying other languages not yet represented to add a similar list for your preferred language in this post or in one of your own! Let me know and I'll add it to this list.

Edit: Thanks, everyone, for all the nice comments and thank yous! Thanks to those who've donated lingots, too, but that's really not needed.

Feliz Halloween!


October 11, 2014



I'm digging this. A lot. And I completely agree. What's with making the third bonus skill available only once a year? That empty third slot is burning a hole in my eyeballs! Come on Duo, for the sake of making the tree more aesthetically pleasing to the eye - change this! Who's with me?


"That empty third slot is burning a hole in my eyeballs! "

Yep, me too! Couldn't have put it better myself :P


I think right now the Duo team may be a bit busy with fixing all the glitches that have been popping up. ;) Anyone could pick a topic and make a vocabulary list about it, as VST has done.


This is great! Thanks for putting it together :D


Obviously many people have already put lots of hard work into translating this list into other languages for each other. Maybe Duo could come up with a type of system in which - just like how the community helps build languages - the community could help creating bonus skills? Duo could make a small list of bonus skills they'd like to develop and the community could put their own translations in and those who didn't translate can vote on which translation they find the most accurate and after that the Duo language admins could revise and check the accuracy of the translations. I imagine a system like that would take a lot less time on Duo's part and make a lot more use of the community. It would even be a learning experience for those translating since through discussing the words, they could see the difference between two different words that mean the same thing, but in different ways. Just like how one of the comments pointed out that the word listed for 'skull' in Spanish was more of a medical term than an informal one. From my point of view, it'd be a win/win for everyone.


Nice! You may also add "la calavera", and "la calaca" as sinonyms for "el esqueleto".

And also, for asking for sweets during Halloween, kids say things like "queremos halloween" and "me das mi calaverita".


Thanks for the info, lvacps! Since a couple of these are regional words, I think it would probably be better to keep the top list a little more generic for now. I've referenced your note in the original post.


You're right, I forgot to say that those are words regional to Mexico. Also, in this country, Halloween gets mixed with "El día de muertos" (which is a celebration to our dead people, and is held during november 1st and 2nd).

For example, I've seen that kids from metropolitan area say "me das mi calaverita" ("would you give me my little skeleton", which already sounds very "día de muertos") and they ask for that not only on Halloween, but on the two following days. Also, some stablishments have decoration of both Halloween and Día de muertos.

By the way, where I live, kids don't ask for goodies anymore (they used to when I was a child). For now, there's only Halloween parties with contests of the best costume.


Día de Muertos deserves inclusion, surely?


Día de Muertos = Day of the Dead. I added a reference above to your note. Thanks!


Great list! I made a Dutch version of your post, if you are interested :)


davidvdb, thanks! I was hoping that some of the other languages could be represented. Edit: I just realized there was a link in your post. I'll add a note in the original message. Thanks!


I added a French version to my Memrise course :) http://www.memrise.com/course/61965/duolingo-french/65/ I used wordreference heavily, so I hope these are right!


Thanks, knittingirl! I've added a reference to your list in the original post.


Thanks knittingirl for this nice list. I find ossature a bit medical centric and no really in the halloween context. I would have used squelette instead.


Just looked it up, and I think you're right :) I'll go change it.


This is an awesome idea! We should definitely have a bonus skill for this! Thank you! :)


Thank you for preparing this! >^. .^<


Awesome!! mil gracias!


I'm a newbie, so my list is short; however I started an Italian list in memrise: http://www.memrise.com/course/420894/duolingo-italian-halloween-words/


Thanks, dweiums! I've added a reference to your list, too.


Great idea VST! I've just created the Halloween "Bonus Skill" for German (see: https://www.duolingo.com/comment/4988928).

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I made a course in Norwegian... Because why not?


Some small facts about Norwegian: It has three grammatical genders, although the feminine gender is optional when you're writing, and can be declined as a masculine noun. This is why you can write both "en katt" and "ei katt".


Thanks, fveldig! I've added your link to the original post and modified the thread title, too.


Great list, ¡muchas gracias! I have made a Maltese one. It's not the same as yours, but I got some ideas for vocab from yours.


Thanks for sharing! I've added a link to your list in the original post.


Grazzi ħafna, I am honoured!


What about Portuguese? I would love to learn Halloween words and phrases too haha


Hi Helene, this is a community effort, so would you be willing to look up the words in Portuguese to share with fellow learners? I'm sure they would appreciate it! You can use the list above (modifying as you wish!), and either post on a site and post a link or send your list to me on my stream and I'll add to the original post and the title with credit and thanks.


Hi :D I've created a list for Portuguese, you can check it here: https://www.duolingo.com/comment/5044534. Hope you enjoy it ^^


Anderlc, thanks for putting this together for Portuguese learners! I've added your link to the list in the original post and Portuguese to the title. Thanks!


How come the Halloween one is so long?


Ha ha! Since it's not an official bonus skill, I started with a dozen or so common Halloween words, and then just kept adding to the list. I think most of the other contributors started with this list, and then modified as needed to make it their own.


thanks for sharing the HALLOWEEN spirit :P


Yes! I've been wondering if & when a Halloween bonus skill would be added. I really hope they do. Rather than spending time on image updates and schemes like leaderboards & health points, I've been thinking it would be a lot more helpful to learning just to add more content. There are a lot of themed bonus skills that would be very nice to have, seasonal and otherwise.

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