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  5. Why is my french level wrong?


Why is my french level wrong?

I am in 14 level, but it shows 6 , sometimes it shows 14, but when I go to another course appears "6" . It happens only with french, is there some way to fix it?

October 11, 2014



After I posted it here, seems magic but the problem was fixed, then I erased it, and the problem came back , so I will leave this discussion here, is the only way to fix :)


I too see a 6...

...and agree with everyone about moving it to troubleshooting.


Oh, this is the first time I see the French flag affected. This problem is persisting for months now with the Dutch flair (my correct level is 22), has been reported multiple times by different people over different channels and still not been dealt with. Maybe it helps if French (a major language with a lot of learners) is affected, too :)


Hi everybody..

I'm having the same problem that you aanaaaa

  • I'm in 6 level (French) and shows as 2.
  • 11 level (English) and shows as 9
  • 9 level (Portuguese) and shows as 4.

Sometime shows right, another time appears wrong.


I did it now ....


I see a "6" now for your flag. (My French flag should say "18" btw.)

If I go to your home page, I see a "14".


Your flag is fine :D


yeah , sometimes six, sometimes 14 :/


I see a six now also. You need to move this to troubleshooting forum though. It's not really a question about French for English speakers.


yes, I did it already ..


It looks 14 to me. You might want to put this in the Troubleshooting forum. Just click edit and change the discussion topic.


Yes, its is 14 now, after I post it here, maybe because I put french -english :) , now it is perfect with all other courses :)


It's called a glitch. :) The troubleshooting team can help fix it, if you change the discussion topic to Troubleshooting by editing your post.


The flags are always a little glitchy. Whenever they add a new language there's always a week or so where how many flags someone has changes every time you hit like. It just doesn't seem to get levels right.


6 for me too. Seems like it is changing a lot...


I see, yesterday was 14 but today is 6 again :/


It shows 6 for me.


How many parts of your tree have you completed? I mean like every 15 skills, thats one part of your tree. And what is your point level? Is it 14 going on 15?


I've completed my tree 6 months ago in level 10 , but I practice almost every day ... But now I am in 14 level - 808


oh, i know y your thing is like that! It shows how much xp you got but doesent show if you beat it or not, you have to get it to 25 for people to look at your comments and know you completed the language


Now my flag disappeared :'( :'( :'( why??????


now it came back :) I don't know what happens with my flag lol


I can see your French flag at 14.


yeah, now it is ok, but 5 minutes ago was not there , I give up lol


I don't see your french flag now (15 October). Something is seriously wrong with Duolingo.


Yeah, it is not there again :(

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