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What is the difference between "siger" and "snakker"?

Both can be translated as "to say" - am I right?

October 11, 2014



sige is to say something to somebody. For example, I could sige to you that your question is good.

tale is to speak with, to talk to or to converse with somebody. For example, we could tale about the fact that your question is good.

snakke is also to speak with, to talk to or to converse with somebody, although it's not as formal as tale. For example, we could snakke about the fact that your question is good.

konversere is ... also ... like tale and snakke, but absolutely the most formal way to say it. For example, we could konversere about the fact that your question is good.

May my post help you

EDIT: Thanks to eagersnap for correcting me. The only right way to spell "konversere" in Danish is with a "c"


I agree with the above, except one thing: In Danish the spelling would be "konversere", not "conversere"


Jeg snakker dansk means 'I speak Danish'. I'm not certain, but I think siger is to say/talk and snakker is more so to speak.


at sige is to say, at tale and at snakke are to speak. as far as I know, at snakke is being used more than at tale now.

jeg snakke/taler engelsk - I speak English, en and siger godmorgen - a duck says good morning.


Sige means "to say". It is very focused on a specific message. Snakke means "to talk" or "to converse". It's more about having a conversation with someone.


Jeg siger det til ham = I say it to him

Jeg snakker med ham = I talk with him


I assume in German it would be "sagen vs. sprechen"


It might be similar to the French, 'parler' and 'dire' and 'raconter'.


snakke means more to chat. One would snakke with friends.

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