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Norsk en Nederlands

When I see "jij", I keep getting tripped up by the memory of Norsk "jeg".

October 11, 2014



Think of the English you :)


Given that English (US) is my native language, and given that I am aware of "ye" in Old English, thinking of "you" should come easily to me, one would think! Maybe I can work the Scandinavian out of my system by studying Dansk for a while and then switching back to Nederlands. The Romance languages also tend to give the wrong clue about "jij", with "yo", "je", "eu", etc. Ego! Ego sum abbas, sum abbas Cucaniensis!


Me too! It tripped me up sooo many times! You are not alone. I wish I could tell you it gets better xD


And jij (and even more so, je) makes me think of French je!

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