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cannot change the language

I am spanish speaking and tried to change the web page exerces language to spanish, but cannot do it. When going to the main page I clic to spanich but after login the web page display in english.

October 11, 2014



Hola Lucenac. Traduciré el mensaje de Usagiboy7:

«No soy parte del equipo técnico, pero ellos necesitarán saber qué sistema operativo y navegador estás usando (Por ejemplo, yo uso Windows 7/ Chrome).

También, si pudieras publicar una captura de pantalla de cada paso que estás tomando para intentar cambiar el idioma, eso sería realmente útil.

Pero primero, asegúrate de hacer click en "guardar" después de cambiar el idioma del curso. :)


Hi lucenac,

I have to leave or I would translate this into Spanish. But I will ask someone to come in and translate my message as soon as they sign in, in case that will be helpful. :)

I'm not part of the tech team, but they will need to know what operating system and browser you're using (For example, I am using Windows 7/Chrome).

Also, if you could post a screen shot at each step you're taking to try and change the language, that would be really helpful.

But first, make sure that you are hitting "Save" after changing the course language.

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