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  5. "Jeg har mere til senere."

"Jeg har mere til senere."

Translation:I have more for later.

October 11, 2014



"I will have more later" is not good ?


well that has a completely different meaning


yes indeed, but still possible no ? My point is that I want to understand the major possible senses of the sentences.


Those are two totally different tenses. The sentence in the lesson is saying, "I currently have more that is set aside for later. Your sentence is saying, "At some point in the future, I will have more."

I'm probably replying years later to this comment, but hopefully this helps somebody.


Ah, I see your point. Not Danish, but from what I've seen by looking it up, I believe that sentence is not correct.


There is no future tense in the danish sentence so this would not be a correct translation


I think i could say that as in leftovers.also am a lifetime speak e r of Midwestern English.


Neverl have extra later.


Literally correct, contextually vague."I will have more later" is perhaps a better English translation if we assume a reasonable context. Or "I will have more for later" is ok BUT "I have more for later" clunky.

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