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  5. "Nosso gato é branco."

"Nosso gato é branco."

Translation:Our cat is white.

June 15, 2013



Gender and number affect colour?

nossa gata e branca nosso gato e branco nossos gatos e brancos.....are they correct?


Yeah: nossa gata é branca, nosso gato é branco, nossos gatos são brancos


Yeah. Colors change in number and gender. Meu sapatO amarelO, minha casA amarelA, meus carrOS pretOS, and so on. Be careful: some colors has no gender: marrom, cinza, rosa, verde, lilás, azul, laranja, carmesim, beige. Much information here: http://www.learningportuguese.co.uk/language/colours.html -- Pointing out: cinza = gray/ash, orange = laranja (color/fruit), rosa = pink/rose


Aaahhh....I made a mistake with "sao"


Also, how does a Portuguese keyboard work? Do you have a "Shift" key for all the accents? Actually, what are they called? / = ? ^=? and the upside down questionmark under the c?


Yeah. In our keyboard we have all the accents (é, ê, á, ã, à, ó, õ, etc). But they are separate buttons, not along with the letters, and two accents at the same button. First we type the accent then the letter and automatically it is up there. As for Ç, in the past we had to type comma "," + "C", then we had Ç. Now they've added one more key: Ç. Maybe you should try Google images to look for how it loks like =)


Sometimes you can set your keyboard up (on the computer, that is to say using software) to be international, in which case it works similar to how paulenrique described, except using apostrophes for accents. So to type á you type ' and then the letter a. You use the tilde ~ for ã (and also for the Spanish ñ). A quotation mark gives you an umlaut such as ä, and a shifted tilde (`) gives a reverse accent (such as à). I believe ç is made with a regular apostrophe (I'm on my phone right now so can't check to make sure). And shift 6 (the carat ^) will give you a circumflex, such as ê. Very useful if you type in different languages.

If you want to type any of those symbols without making an accent, you follow it with a space.

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