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"The teacher eats an orange."

Translation:El maestro come una naranja.

5 years ago



the use of the se is formal and should be acceptable

5 years ago


what forces the feminine? Looks to me it should translate masculine.

5 years ago

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ok, may I ask where this specifies that it is a female teacher (in the english version)?? I translated it to "El maestro come una naranja" and it said I was wrong... that the correct answer is "La maestra come una naranja." I would just like to know where, in the English sentence, the gender is specified.. because I'm just not seeing it.

4 years ago


I'm just guessing but supposing you knew the teacher was a woman then La maestra would work and if you knew the teacher was a man then El maestro would work. Does that make sense or am I missing it?

4 years ago


Both are correct. You are supposed to choose all possible right answers, so maybe thats why it told you you were wrong?

4 years ago