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Disable sound in the mobile app

I know this was mentioned before, but I really think there should be an option in the mobile app (at least the Android version, maybe it's already available for iPhones) that disables the sound. Not because it can disturb people around, neither because it cannot be heard in a loud place. The real reason is that it consumes the data plan/package massively.

I absolutely love Duolingo and when I got my first smartphone it was one of the first apps I installed on it. I practiced on the bus with volume set to 0, it was silent, but kept downloading the spoken sentences. It uses the most data of all applications, approximately 25% of my total transfer. I'm convinced it should be possible to cut it down.

October 11, 2014



Hey, Android fella here. Please let me disable the sound. I practice in the subway, and I want to listen to music while exercising, WITHOUT having to hear the excercises, WITHOUT the annoying dim of the volume. Thanks.


Same. The media player volume dimming is really annoying, and the data consumption mentioned by others is a good point as well.


Two years later and this is still somehow not an option. There are LOTS of reasons that people want this, but they don't seem to care.


4 years later.... Still havent done anything


When will this be implemented? it's very annoying being interrupted by the voices at times when you want to practice but are listening to something else


3 months later and I still barely use the mobile app because of the unavoidable music volume dimming...


I have the same problem. I just downloaded the app for IPhone 6 and, even if I disable:

  • Sounds effects
  • Speaking exercises
  • Listening exercises

in the setting, I still get voices in the app (eg in the exercises in which you need to identify a word among different pictures)


All the bells and alerts are annoying and disruptive. I work for hours at a time and the sound is irritating to say the least. Please give us releif


Please let us disable audio :/


It's a shame. I'm seriously considering not using Duolingo anymore.

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I complain the same thing. My solution is to use Duolingo in the browser but not the app.


I second this motion!


can't disable sounds, makes mobile app unusable.


Just wanted to add my agreement that this is an important feature to add. Amazed it still hasn’t been done.


This should be implemented asap!


I agree. When I am playing music through Spotify it keeps interrupting my songs to say the words which is really annoying. Previous versions of the app would just play sound on top of the music


After entering a level turn off your internet connection immediately. Answer all the questions. When finished turn on internet connection to get the points That worked for me...


Four years later, you still can’t listen to streaming audio while using the mobile app. None of the audio disable options prevent Duolingo from interrupting sound. Just add a mute button please.


Excellent idea! Give us the choice of when and where to use the sound. It’s been frustrating and reduces the amount of time I practice.


I stopped using Duolingo just because the voice is annoying as hell and I can't disable it. I already turned off sounds in settings. I could disable the sound completely on my phone but that would mean having no music while studying. Can't believe something as basic as "mute ALL sounds" is not an option after so many years.


I want this feature too.



[deactivated user]

    I found only one way to mute sounds (reading the words and sentences) in Duolingo (on Android) - I have muted all the media sounds in the phone (system setting). Any other solution given in the net didn't work.


    This really puts me off using duolingo. I like listening to music while I practice, but the dimming is unbearable, so I just use Memrise instead. It’s a shame that they’d ignore this problem for so long


    I totally agree- I can't listen to music and do this because it stops whenever the voice comes on and it's so annoying!


    Same question


    Half a decade an still no solution?


    There is no change in this issue, and I'm sad to say that this was the reason I stopped using Duolingo.


    Hey all. I disabled the voices by installing app Sound Assistant (blue circle icon with a leetle dot), which lets you mute certain apps.

    Unfortunately this doesn't stop the sound ducking/dimming behavior, and according to this article on stackexchange only the app developer can stop this behavior (on Android): https://android.stackexchange.com/questions/199918/stop-notifications-from-briefly-lowering-media-volume


    For some reason /u/app on android keeps playing music eithout dimming no matter what sometimes even after you close thd app. Is there a music player that also has that feature/glitch ?


    Yes, please, I really need this when I'm listening to music. All I can do is disable sound effects but not the voices!!! Come on!!! 6 years later and still nothing!

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