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"Todos meus amigos me viram com ela."

Translation:All my friends saw me with her.

June 15, 2013



Is 'all my friends saw me with her' instead of 'had seen me' wrong?


OK thanks but could you explain why? :P I always use the past tense here like the pretérito imperfecto in Spanish and you can definitely translate that (todos mis amigos me vieron con ella) as 'saw'..


Yeah... when the present perfect doesnt have a specific time (for 2 years, for instance), its taken as simple past or present in Potuguese. Sometimes even if you have a specific time. Ive worked here for 2 years = trabalho aqui há dois anos.


What is wrong wit present tense: All my friends see me with her.???


that is "todos meus amigos me veem com ela"


Oh yeah. I forgot. Thanks.


I had the same translation. This is the first non-present tense translation if you take the lessons in order. Since we have not had any past-tense lessons yet it really should not be here. Definitely a trap for beginners, like me. :(


I think this sentence would sound more natural if there was an "os" between todos and meus, I'm not even sure if you can not put an article there. Todos os meus amigos.

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