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I can't access the next level (Italian)

Yesterday I finished ''Questions'' in Italian (6. level) and since then I can't access any of the following levels, they are locked. I have no idea what to do.

June 15, 2013



Me too. Yesterday I finished Questions and now i can't access next lesson, Verbs: Present 1. Could someone help us?


I think I found a temporary solution. First, check your email. You should have gotten a reminder from Duolingo to continue your studying. For example it will say something like - You are 2 levels away, start with COLORS! And there's a tab that says ~Begin challenge~. Click it and you can continue your studying without problems! :D


Got it! Thank you! :)


You're welcome! :)


I have the same problem. It's written i cannot access in there because i haven't pass colors, but I dont find where it is, i've done agan the last two levels, but still it doesn't work...

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I've not gotten a reminder email that mentions colors...

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