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  5. "Ich esse keine Orangen."

"Ich esse keine Orangen."

Translation:I do not eat oranges.

June 15, 2013


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why not keineN Orangen?

June 15, 2013


It's in plural and in the accusative case.


June 15, 2013


yes. thanks

June 15, 2013


"Orangen" is the direct object of the sentence, so it's in the accusative. It would have to be in the dative to be "keinen". Because there is no article, strong declension is used.


June 15, 2013


ok, got it. thanks

June 15, 2013


I would like to know that also. When I use 'keine', they want 'keinen' & when I put 'keinen', of course, they want 'keine'. Please, can someone help me out?

February 25, 2016


When its nominative(subject) male, female and neutral will have kein, keine, kein

When it's accusative(object) male, female and neutral will have keinen, keine, kein

Plural will have keine in both cases

July 10, 2018


First I had to understand the difference between normative (he) and accusative (him). Still trying to figure it out.

Good break down: http://www.fluentu.com/german/blog/german-nominative-accusative-pronouns-cases-articles/

January 7, 2017


I still don't get it... this is the one thing that absolutely makes me want to just give up on German... :'(

April 3, 2017


So, for example, if I wanna say 'I am not eating orange (right now)'' which means I am eating another fruit that time, what german sentences should I use? Since in DL, for many geman sentences, we can translate it into both present simpe and present continuous.

October 10, 2013


you can simply add: "jetzt = Now" ....

. Actually, to me it was so odd that there is a special tense in english just to talk about somthing that is happening now..instead of just saying the word: now at the end of the simple present tense

February 7, 2016


I don't agree with the pronunciation id 'Orangen'

July 4, 2017


Me neither, i reported it

December 13, 2017


That's really tricky for me :

"Ich esse nicht Orangen" would have been a correct sentence as well but stressing out the "negativity" of the verb (instead of the noun) , right ?

April 27, 2015


Just to me, it seems like this gives the sentence a slightly different meaning. Using "nicht," as you say, stresses the verb instead of the object, so it sounds more like the sentence states that eating is not what you do with oranges (that one would do something else with them instead).

Also I heard that "nicht" is better used with an article (der, die, das) or demonstrative adjective (dieses, das, etc.) to further clarify, but I haven't quite gotten the hang of that yet.

June 27, 2015


I think you're right, For me kein can be translated as "no" ie "I eat no Oranges" which is the (not very well put) meaning of the sentence

October 7, 2015


Not quite. Without additional information this sentence is incomplete. You have to mention the food that you eat rather than oranges to make it a correct sentence:

Ich esse nicht Orangen, sondern Mandarinen.

January 30, 2019


I don't think I will ever understand the accusative, it been explained to me so many times and in so many different ways and I just cannot understand it.

February 3, 2016


what is this? ... This is a computer (Nominative) Das ist ein computer Das ist der computer

What do you have? .. I have a computer (Akk) Ich habe einen Computer Ich habe den Computer

February 7, 2016


Best comment ever. I want to see more of these!

October 23, 2017


I think I might understand, from this example. So basically it is akkusativ when the object is being used? If we want to simply identify something, we use nominativ? And one more, is it become dativ if the object is using something? Can you give example also? Thanks a lot

December 23, 2017


When we use kein / or nicht

February 7, 2016


see the Tips & Notes section.

November 7, 2016


How about "I never eat oranges"?

December 30, 2015


"ich esse nie Orangen" means "i never eat oranges"

February 6, 2016


What about 'Ich esse niemals Orangen'?

December 23, 2017


That's also possible. It's a bit more emphatic than just nie.

December 23, 2017


Never is a different word that we're learning later, I think.

February 4, 2016


why not say ich keine esse orangen? or is there nothing wrong with the sentence structure its just the way they say it?

February 7, 2016


there is a rule in German that says the verb should always come second so it would be ich esse keine orangen

April 6, 2016


Is Keine like Nei? (never) and both go after the verb?

June 8, 2016


Why not "keinen"?

October 2, 2016


Ich esse keine orangen

November 5, 2016


I feel like 'I'm not eatin no oranges' should be a valid answer

November 28, 2016


Afraid not. We don't have double negatives in English.

November 28, 2016


how to say I cannot eat oranges?

March 6, 2017


Ich kann keine Orangen essen.

December 13, 2017


"Ich kann nicht Orangen essen", i think

December 13, 2017


The man has a bad pronouncation. In German we do not say "oranGen" with a G like in Gas. We pronounce: O - old ra - rather N gen - gender O-ran-gen

June 22, 2017


I am confused, how could I have known there should have been an any in teh english translation. Which is what it failed me for.

August 10, 2017


What's the correct pronunciation of 'Orangen'? Should the 'g' be pronounced as the one in 'get' or as the 's' in 'pleasure'. I'm asking because I've heard it both ways while doing the lessons.

August 22, 2017


The pronouncation of the 'G' is the same as in the English "oranges".

August 23, 2017


There are two different pronunciations of Orangen in German that are considered to be correct. One is very similar to the French pronunciation and is mainly used in Southern Germany and in Austria. The other one sounds like 'Orang-sch-e' and is used in the rest of Germany. In both cases the 'ng' is pronounced as in pleasure, never as in get.

The pronunciation of the male voice is definitely wrong. This happens when a text-to-speech software doesn't recognize an exception and simply follows its rules.

January 30, 2019


I would like to understand: The answer is "keine" and not "keinen" because Orange is feminine and not masculine? and if the sentence was "Ich esse Äpfel" the answer was "keinen Äpfel"?

January 16, 2018


No, it's keine because Orangen is plural. It would be keine Äpfel as well.

In the singular, it would be keine Orange, keinen Apfel (I do not eat an orange, an apple - rather than I do not eat (any) oranges, (any) apples).

January 16, 2018


Hi Mizinamo, Please let me ask you as you are pine of the trusted people here in DL. What is the different in meaning between Ich esse keine Orangen And Ich esse Orangen nicht.

December 31, 2018


Ich esse keine Orangen. is what I would recommend as a general-purpose translation for "I do not eat oranges." (or "I am not eating oranges.").

Ich esse Orangen nicht. negates the verb -- it sounds unfinished to me, as if waiting for a replacement verb, e.g. Ich esse Orangen nicht; ich trinke nur ihren Saft "I don't eat oranges; I just drink their juice".

December 31, 2018


Is there a possibility that "ich esse keine Orangen" stands for a temporary situation, as now while we are sitting/ eating together I'm not eating orange.

And "ich esse Orangen nicht" more permanently, like i prohibited it on myself, or due to some reasons i stopped eating oranges in general.

And here I'm going to add "nie", so "ich esse nie Orangen" could mean i never eat/ate oranges, so far. Like i never tried, but could do in future.

Please correct my if am wrong.

December 31, 2018


I would use ich esse keine Orangen even if it's a permanent decision. For example, a vegetarian might say ich esse kein Fleisch "I do not eat meat".

ich esse nie Orangen = I never eat oranges. (You probably won't do so in the future, either.)

ich habe (noch) nie Orangen gegessen = I have never eaten oranges (so far -- but might do so in the future)

December 31, 2018


Can someone explain me when to use kein and when to use nicht?

April 28, 2018


Not the pronunciation that I use ... rather like French.

May 18, 2018


Why isnt it"I eat no oranges? What is the difference between ich esse nicht orangen and ich esse kein orangen?

August 3, 2018


Can anyone please post the concept of nicht/kein... May be some link or some other discussion thread? I'm really confused about the position of the nicht in sentences.. Humble request!

November 18, 2018


Hallo, can somebody help me?

February 9, 2019


Please post a specific question right away, rather than two questions in a row with the first one being "can someone help me" or "I'm confused" or something similarly vague.

Say what you have difficulty with, then someone can possibly help you.

February 9, 2019


The voice in this example mispronounces "Orangen" as o-rahn-gehn instead of o-rahn-jenn.

February 26, 2019


Will it be right to say that "Ich esse keine Orangen" means that "I do not eat oranges in general" and "Ich esse Orangen nicht" means that "I'm not eating oranges now"?

April 9, 2019



Ich esse keine Orangen could be either of "I do not eat oranges in general" or "I am not eating oranges right now".

Ich esse Orangen nicht. sounds to me as if you're negating the verb: "What I do with oranges is not eat them, but rather ....". The sentence seems a bit incomplete unless you say what the correct version is, e.g. Ich esse Orangen nicht, ich verschlinge sie. "I don't eat oranges; I devour them / I gulp them down."

April 9, 2019


Why "do not" and not "don't"?

April 12, 2019


Both are possible.

April 12, 2019


Because German is weird, would "I am not eating the orange" be "ich esse nicht eine Orange"? (As in, "don't eat that orange, it's for company," "I'm not eating the orange!")

May 20, 2019


would "I am not eating the orange" be "ich esse nicht eine Orange"?

No. It would be Ich esse die Orange nicht.

kein is for indefinite nouns, but "the orange" is definite, so we need nicht here. Same for nouns that are definite for other reasons than having the definite article, such as "this orange" or "my orange" or "Stephen".

May 20, 2019


Also, because I still know nothing in German, could this ("ich esse keine Orangen") also mean "I am not eating oranges"?

May 20, 2019


could this ("ich esse keine Orangen") also mean "I am not eating oranges"?


May 20, 2019


Does this sentence mean "I never eat oranges" or just "I am not eating oranges now"

May 22, 2019


It could mean either of those.

May 22, 2019


Why is keine used after esse?

June 28, 2019
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