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Any recorded speech is marked as "Correct"

I'm working on my French. Someone in one of the lesson discussions commented that any speech they recorded (even if they said it in English instead of French) was marked as "Correct answer!" So I tried it myself and found that even when I pronounced everything completely wrong, it was marked as "Correct answer!"

June 15, 2013



Wow, three years is a long time with no comments! I am just getting started with Duo in French and have the same experience - if I speak something completely wrong it still tells me I am correct. Were you ever able to solve this issue?


Hi Jicamasalad (great name lol), no, I never got a response. I haven't used DuoLingo in a long time but I didn't realize it's been 3 whole years! No wonder my French proficiency is down to 1%. Plus ça change ...

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