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"Níor stad an carr agus bhuail an páiste."

Translation:The car did not stop and it hit the child.

October 12, 2014



Wow. And then earlier I got "I fell and the car hit me." But only one question so far where "bhuail" translated to 'met' rather than 'hit.' And like 3 or more where it meant 'hit.'


Just so y'know, Buail by itself doesn't mean 'meet'. You need le with it for that to happen.


Did you mean that buail by itself doesn’t mean “meet”?


(Ah, ❤❤❤❤❤❤. Did I just hit Cancel instead of Post? Let me try that again.)

Anyway, I'm fairly sure the example that used 'bhuail' as 'meet' was: "Bhuail mé do mháthair agus d'itheamar lón le chéile." First of all, I found it odd that when I hovered, the only definition showing for 'bhuail' was "hit." But here the only place 'le' appears is to say that "we ate lunch together (le chéile)." Can it work either way? I do think it'd be a good idea even then to use 'le' with 'bhuail' for the sake of clarity, of course. Don't want to say "I hit your mother" instead by accident. That, I could see leading to "Thit mé agus bhuail an carr mé."


That sentence translates as "I hit your mother and we ate lunch together." To say "I met your mother and we ate lunch together", it'd need to be Bhuail mé le do mháthair agus d'ith muid lón le chéile.... Though, honestly, the "together" is already implied, much as it is in the English sentence.


Okay, thanks. Either I'm remembering the example sentence incorrectly (quite possible) or the example itself was incorrect. Thanks for the clarification!


Wow. Duolingo is a dark place.

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