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Duolingo Personal Goals

Hey, what kind of personal goals do you y'all set for yourself on Duolingo? I'm focusing on 150 points per day for both Portuguese and Spanish. I find that if I don't set a goal then I might get on everyday but I'll maybe some days work hard but others just do the minimum to keep my streak alive. What other goals are you all setting for yourselves?

June 15, 2013



My goal is to get 3 new souls...based on this quote:

❝To have another language is to possess a second soul.❞ ‒Charlemagne

....then I can sell a couple!

What duolingo level do I have to reach before I get my new soul?



It depends on the amount of practice and translation you do. The more you practice and translate, the more points you earn, but only new lessons get you closer to your "next soul" :-)


My goal is a full coin stack every day for the language I'm currently working on (now it is German). My other big goal concerning German is to finish the tree by my Duolingo anniversary that comes on June 20.

Update: I did it! Today is June 20 and I have my German trophy owl.


I find I set goals based on (the somewhat vague rule of) how much I have learned. I noticed near the beginning I was able to obtain points much more easily than I am now because things have gotten more difficult for me and it takes more time and practice to get it right. If I were to base things solely off of points I think I would get discouraged!


By now, i think ill try to get my trophy in French, master in French. But i really have little time for that. I hope for that by the end of July when i get my vacation ;) later on, ill start Italian. My grandparents were italian and where i live theres a huge influence from Italy!! I have quite a few friends who can speak Italian. So, its necessary for me too :)


Are you visiting France on vacation? I shall wave to you from England.


YUP!! I dont feel much comfortable with my French, so i really want to go there for studying French for 3 months, If everyhing works out right, and visit some other countries ;)


Actually...I'll be in France, Normandy, at end of September. Also, let me know if you come to England, Brighton is a great little city!


Great ;) maybe ill be flying in october, but im not too sure. I have some English/Spanish conventions here in Brazil this year.... but lets keep in touch to get the plans fixed. Thx for the invitation =)


I'm just trying to get in here every day. :)


Hey that's a great idea! My goals are basically just to learn at my own pace and do as best as I can! I gonna try and master spanish though coz that would be nice!


I've been studying French, German, Italian and Spanish for a while (decades? on and off for some of them) now, so I'm using Duolingo for daily practice. I like the site's overall philosophy and I'm happy to contribute to translating. I want to get trophies in those four languages first, then I'm going to pounce on Portuguese, which I've never really studied but I think would be useful. I'm hoping that Duolingo will add more languages that interest me as well. Since my goal is to speak with as many people as possible (makes travel so much better) and read books in the original, I'm fairly sure any new language D adds will probably get me closer to my overall goals for language.

I'm hurrying because once I start a masters program in September, I won't have as much time for Duolingo, just a bit of daily practice, if that much. Since I'm working on a degree in Human Computer Interaction, everything that happens here applies to that too.


My goal is to get the Spanish skill tree done within a month.


Same as olimo does. I 'll go for the full coin stack every day in italian at the moment. I've been here only for a month or so and it seems to be working, although I've had a few misses. The most important thing for me is to practice every day, even if it's only for 5 minutes, which hasn't failed so far. Other than that, I've promised myself that when this summer is over, I'll refresh my knowledge of french, or start either spanish or german (and keep practising my italian of course).


I have no goal... I just use Duolingo cause I'm having fun learning a new language. I try to finish the Portuguese tree however, but after that, I wont care


And helping others with French!! Merci pour l'aide =)


Oh yeah I'm gonna get fired for that.........


-80-100 coins a day -at least one skill per day if possible -keep the streak -always keep the vocabulary meter at '3' or higher.


My Duolingo personal goal is to get at least some points every day so that I can keep adding to my streak of days studied.


Interesting to see other people's perspectives. Keep them coming! :)


I want to learn Spanish and English. I live in Poland, here language learning is really funny. I am the best at English although I make a lot of mistakes! So now, when I am learning Spanish, I'm learning English too.

Have a nice day!


Awesome! I wish you like getting your new souls!!! Wow!!!


My present goal is to get all those gold bars relit on my French tree. Actually I had not been doing much practice and I find that there is a lot I missed first time so I think it is quite good. I also try to do a couple of exercises of either Spanish or German every day. I learnt both for a couple of years at school a long time ago so it is good that I remember bits.


I've realized I'm an owl collector. I've only got one owl so far but I'm getting close to my second now... then after Spanish which will be third I'm pretty sure I'm going to have to learn Italian just to get a fourth owl. Or maybe Portuguese. You can call me crazy all you like, or you can join me in my madness, go owl-hunting and help me found a secret polyglot order for people with 3+ owls once we get that far. ;-)


Im in :) i've been looking for my 3rd owl. But it's too hard too keep the tree golden!! Plus, i dont have enough time :( but after that, im heading to Italian :)


Let's go owl hunting, yeeeee hawwwwww!!!!!


I've just "shot" my second one :D


Congrats! & happy anniversary! =)

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