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  5. "Jeg spiser dens mad."

"Jeg spiser dens mad."

Translation:I eat its food.

October 12, 2014



Can someone explain me what the difference is between dens and dets?


There are two different grammatical genders in Danish - common gender and neuter gender. They are showed by artikels. "En hund" = common gender; "et mus" = neuter gender. We see two articles, which indicate the grammatical gender. "Den" and "det" are something like "that" or "it" en English. But "den" is related to common gender and "det" is related to neuter gender. I hope I helped you:)


Consider the stream of consciousness of a dog eating a cat's food. Makes perfect sense.


Please What's the difference between dens and dets?


Could "jeg spiser dets mad" work too?


Yes. It is accepted as well.


Can someone please comment on the pronunciation of "Jeg"? I am doing the Pimsleur Danish as well (all audio) and sometimes it is pronounced "yuh" as here, while other times it's "yie" (to rhyme with "pie"). Is this a regional thing or does the sound change according to what follows? It's driving me mad!

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