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Amount of xp too high (daily goal)


according to my daily goal I've earned 119 xp today, when I've only earned 18 xp today. I have had this problem every day since the coach has been released on the website.

It doesn't affect my score on the leaderbord and it still shows the right amount of xp on my profile, so it's only wrong on the daily goal.

Am I the only one with this problem?


October 12, 2014



From what I have seen in the discussion forum, lot of folks have reported issues related to incorrect XPs after the implementation of the Daily Coach feature. Probably some bug was introduced during the implementation of the feature. It doesn't impact anything much other than giving an incorrect picture of your daily practice. Just ensure when completing your daily goal, you take care of this pseudo number, else you may find you have lost your streak. Hopefully the bug will be resolved soon.


According to your daily goal you've earned 31 XP today. Do you have a screenshot where it shows 119 XP?


But this is not correct since I haven't done anything at all today

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The app looks okay, but the web page inflates XP and then removes any extra points the following day. I have a screenshot of this. Where should I post it?

I suspect this is only happening to people who have been moved across to Duo Coach


If a screenshoot can help, when i opened Duolingo for the first time today, the graph told me that i have already 21XP today. I did absolutely nothing, neither lessons nor practicing nor immersion. Note that there is not the green tick on the day strike (which makes sense, because indeed, i didn't get any XP)


You aren't alone. It was ok so far, but today I came and it already showed me that I have done my goal with the number of exp from yesterday. I just did extra 30+ and then in the right upper corner my streak 16 changed to 17...


And today everything seems fine again


i agree to its fine today


You want a lingot


Hello, please move your comment here: https://www.duolingo.com/comment/4898540 It's best if we can keep the feedback grouped together. (Easier for staff to review and also leaves room for other discussions in the forum.) Thanks! ^_^


I don't have the coach feature...


Ok. Then Troubleshooting is the best place for this. :)


I have the same issue. It shows 598xp today, eventhough I haven't completed a single lesson yet.


I personally have not had this problem try clicking on the support tab for help.


Some of my student's activity shows that they have completed a lesson and then it lists the same lesson, time they completed it, and total number of points over and over again. For ex: 1:09 pm 10 XP, and then it lists 1:09 pm 10 XP again, two or three times in a row so they are getting 30 XP instead of 10 XP. I was wondering how some of the kids' scores were getting so high so fast and noticed this glitch.

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