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Duolingo stole my practise streak!

I am using the new daily goals challenge thing at the top right of my screen with it set to 30 and at nearly midnight it said I had 32 xp today and had completed my daily goal, so I went to do some revision on another site. I came back and my streak had disappeared!

Also, the daily xp graph now says I have 12 xp even though I have done no revision "today", which is probably why it said I had 32, because it created a dozen out of thin air.

Please, is there any way my streak can be restored? And please make sure your code is free of bugs like this before you roll it out in future, duolingo. I had a 72(read: 73)-day streak and was planning how to celebrate my 100th day.

Thanks if anyone can help me :)

October 12, 2014



Your best bet is to contact the staff with the white Support button on the left side of the screen. Several users have reported issues with the Coach and their streak, so hopefully they'll be able to help you out.

Edit: Also, I know you're frustrated, but it's probably best not to "demand" your streak be reset. It's a free service, and the support folks are doing the best they can to keep everything working smoothly. A "please" goes a long way.


I've actually never noticed that support button before. I was hoping a forum moderator or someone might be able to help before I disturbed the support team. I will write Duo a message now, though.

I used "demand" jokingly, exagerating the situation, but I see now that in text it may not come across that way (reminder, I wrote this at 1am). I shall edit it.

Thank you for your help.


Uh I think you should refresh your page or post a complain to duolingo.


Would you be able to direct me to the right place to write a complaint to them? Thanks.


Umm I think so not so sure.........................

[deactivated user]

    Use the support tab. It can be found on the left of your screen.


    1] I think you should put your topic as troubleshooting so the staff can know what happened, and correct the problem faster. 2] We cant even see your streak for some reason, its just what level your on in spanish.


    I've changed the topic to troubleshooting. That topic didn't seem to be available when I first made the post, but it is now.

    You can't see my streak because it is gone?


    yes, i cannot see what your streak is. It just has that your level 11 in spanish


    there was a glitch like this a while ago with me and I simply communicated politely and they fixed the problem.


    This happened to me just today. Thanks to everyone who has posted information in this thread to get the help I needed.

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