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"They have our dark blue suits."

Translation:De har vores mørkeblå jakkesæt.

October 12, 2014



First: Is "jakkesæt" treated as plural, like "ris"? If not, what is the singular form? Second: This lesson needs a few more sentences. I know this one by heart already.


Jakkesæt is both the plural and the singular, yes!


So, we can only know that "jakkesæt" is plural here because of the adjective, right? Without an adjective, this could mean both "suit" and "suits" here?


We can only actually guess that jakkesæt is plural here - the sentence does allow for a communally owned suit as well. It would only be 'mørkeblåt' in the sentence 'et mørkeblåt jakkesæt'. Or 'vores jakkesæt der er mørkeblåt' (our suit that is dark blue), but that is really clumsy. I've spent ages now trying to find a satisfactory explanation for this as my (theoretical) grammar is QUITE shabby, but I haven't been able to. 'Mit mørkeblå jakkesæt' (my dark blue suit), which as opposed to the above is clearly singular as it employs the singular possessive pronoun 'mit', and not the plural 'mine' also needs 'mørkeblå'. I'm no help, I'm sorry!


Exactly, if you see danish subtitles, suit is always translated to habit.


I would like an explanation for that one too. On Google I have more results for " "mørkeblåt jakkesæt" than for " "mørkeblå jakkesæt".


In this case jakkesæt is plural, so the plural form of the adjective is needed. Vores mørkeblåt jakkesæt = Our dark blue suit. Vores mørkeblå jakkesæt = Our dark blue suits.


Why not mørkeblåe jakkesæt?

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