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BUG: Graphs still not right

Progress graphs are sometimes missing dots and lines. I reported the same problem a long time ago, perhaps a year ago. Does the underlying software make graph-drawing a hard problem?

October 12, 2014



Still no attention to this. Today's graph was a total failure.


Here is a graph from today. Drawing dots and lines must be a very hard computer problem indeed!


Still failing. Just four dots and two lines on today's "graph".


Still failing. Also, the circle at the right said 30/30 when I had 50 points, but 60/30 when I had 60 points.


Same thing on this account, in every detail. It is seeming like the Duolingo software makes it hard to draw dots and lines and to keep track of numbers.

To my mind, it seems more important to fix these problems, to make the architecture work properly, than to bolt more bells and whistles onto an infrastructure that can't accomplish simple tasks. The whole thing begins to look amateurish. One begins to believe that it is amateurish.

There's a new goal system! But we can't draw graphs. There's a new way of accounting for progress during a test! But there's no way for you to find out how close you are to the next level. We use sophisticated spaced repetition algorithms! But not really - the software presents you the same words, over and over and over.


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