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Store items greyed out

After using the store for about a month, I noticed my lingots were not incrementing. CHecking the store, I saw all the selection buttons were greyed out -- otherwise the page look OK.

I have been using the same Firefox browser the whole time and tried getting to the store from different pages with the same result.

October 12, 2014

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If you do not have enough lingots to purchase an item, it goes grey in the store. If you are earning lingots but they are not becoming available for you to use in the lingot store, that definitely sounds like a glitch to me. But I've never read of it happening before so I have no tips for fixing it. Hopefully someone from the tech team will be able to help sort this out soon. If it is happening because of the Coach feature, they are working on building an update to fix the glitches. But it's a good idea to keep your post up so they can see it. :)

I suggest changing the title though if this is about a lingot glitch and not about the store items being grey. Otherwise it sounds like a problem that already has a solution (earning more lingots)

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